Here is my ultra basic quick check for determining what market a 2018 sedan/liftback is competing in. Just take the price and find the segment (pretty much size classification). With just two things, you’ll have a basic way of telling whether it is a luxury car, premium car, value car and blah blah blah.

Premium Luxury | Luxury | Premium | Upmarket | Value

Entry (Subcompact)

$40k | $33k | $26k | $18k | $14k


1. $55k | $40k | $33k | $26k | $19k

*Specialty Compact

2. $66k | $55k | $42k | $31k | $22k

Executive (Midsize)

1. $79k | $55k | $42k | $33k | $24k

*Specialty Executive and Flagship (Fullsize)

2. $90k | $77k | $55k | $42k | $29k

Flagship (LWB Fullsize)

$116k | $90k | $72k | $55k | $33k

+Luxe | Luxe | Prm | +Mrkt | Value

Example 1: If you are buying a $22k Civic then you have a Value Compact, in fact it would be a Good Value Compact since it’s close to the Upmarket benchmark ($26k).

Example 2: You want to know if the Acura RLX is a luxury car. At $55k the RLX would be a Premium Flagship right out of the gate. It would take $77k to make the RLX a solid luxury car at its current size. If it were smaller (Lincoln MKZ sized) then it would be a Luxury Executive Sedan at its current price.

This gets pretty intricate but if you want to pick a sedan/liftback and tell me the US price points then I’ll define it by the benchmark pricing above.