After all these years I finally hit the wall and needed to buy a computer thingy. Yes, all my posts and all the work I have done have been over mobile (including right now). Guess from here I’m going to end up getting television, wifi, netflix, and all that other stuff I hear people talk about.

I think I mentioned once that I’m a minimalist with a very Fortress of Solitude state of living. No facebook, linkedin, twitter, snapchats, or anything like that. My online life is a lot of music and a comparatively small amount of cars (but seems like a ton if you don’t know the volume of music I study at random). I jump on Oppo when I’m off work or before I start work.

This isn’t cleaned out, I just went through the day’s materials. I usually keep two or three gallons of water in here plus whatever I’m going to eat for the next day. Know that Im inside grocery stores all day everyday and travel extensively. I just like open space and zero waste. This is my tranquility.


I avoid having people over because then I have to purchase just enough to cover the visit. It takes me weeks to get everything back to my one day stock. I’ve been living like this for about 2.5 years. Before my budget was $200 a week for food and entertainment. Now it’s almost down to $100 a week including food, entertainment, auto care and maintenance, incidentals, and anything that isn’t a fixed payment/subscription.

My mind and my work are pretty wild and constant high energy so when I’m home I need the environment to be the complete opposite to quiet myself down.


My thoughts are like a hive of wasps and every wasp is obsessed with a single thought that is only one word long. They all sting me and my mind and my head and my brain immediately move to each stab while keeping a foot in a fixed location. It’s like a constant, very noisy, electric game of twister.

If you all are ever curious as to what I’m currently listening to or studying ask anytime since the answers are usually extremely wide in stride. Back in December, Dave asked me what music best describes the my compositions (since I cant post performances or sound files of my works without giving away my anonymity). I’m still picking through music, I haven’t forgotten! It was just a very good question that involves a ton of listening until I can get it summed up into about 90 seconds of sounds.