So I was talking to my Uncle about my cars the other day. He’s knowledgeable, but not up to date really. Anyways, I was telling him about the Ecoboost Mustang. Then I remembered, for the first time in a year possibly, that the Camaro also comes with a turbo four.

So two questions. One: why isn’t there nearly as much press about the Camaro as the Mustang? (Strictly the 4 bangers here.) But hardly anything about the Camaro.

So for the Mustang is the ecoboost Mustang actually performance oriented with the V6 being the rental spec and the Camaro 4 cyl being the rental spec and the V6 the budget sports car?

Or is the 4 cyl Camaro comparable to the Boostang, but Chevy’s marketing failed it? Ford’s PR sure has been pushing the EcoBoost brand hard.