So as most of you know, I pulled my 3.8L from my van and installed a 3.3L which MasterMario so graciously offered.


This motors runs excellent, with only around 50k on it, it still looked new inside and out. I did some mild porting/polishing and added upgrades off my 3.8 before installing it. All seemed well at first, but.............


Now that I’ve been driving it for a while, I’m noticing the 3.3Ls shortcomings. Mated to my 3.8L trans, it severely lacks low end torque. This leads it to be doggy off the line, needs to downshift ALL the time, and gets terrible fuel economy. This is a problem for me, I’ve gotten used to the low end grunt and economy of the 3.8, so now that it’s gone, I find the joy of driving it disappearing as well.

So I’m weighing options right now......

1. Keep the 3.3L and be bored.

2. Snag an Eaton M90 and put it on the 3.3L, wastegate down to 5-6lbs of boost.

3. Get the parts to rebuild/build my old 3.8 while driving the van.

4. Go snag the 2001 3.8L+Built trans wired for 90s ecm/tcm that’s listed on one of my forums.


5. Really dig into swapping a 4.0L or 3.6L/6-speed in.

I’m leaning on 2 and 3 right now, but idk, I just know I need to do something.

Illustration for article titled Woes (morning shift repost)

Shiny pic for your time.

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