Woes, Found Some Things

So as most of you know, I’ve been having “lack of power” issues since my new engine went in.

I’ve been doing some research and questioning since.

1. From what MM’s dad told me, the engine was a 1992. Low and behold the 1992s were the lowest power/torque 3.3 produced, topping at 150hp/180ft-lbs. The 1994 engine had 162hp/194ft-lbs, due to a better intake design.


2. I also found out from a fellow Mopar nut that the 3.3 ran a different ecm than the 3.8. He was quite surprised my van was even running right now, in theory the 3.3 shouldn’t even run on the 3.8 ecm.

3. I also have to look into the injectors. From what I know the 1992 under older engines ran low impedance injectors, while 1993+ ran high impedance, so in theory, I have no fucking idea how this is even actually running.

So these findings have given me more hope for this engine and some direction to follow. I plan on pulling a 3.3L ecm this weekend, and pulling the better intake/injector off my old engine to install on the 3.3L. Hopefully between those3 things, I should get my power back up to/slightly above (thanks to more porting/shaving) what my 3.8 was making. It’ll still be down roughly 20 ft-lbs of torque, but it should be WAY WAY closer to what I’m used to.


That means gone will be my pretty intake manifold, but I can make that sacrifice to have my power back.

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