18 degrees today with a wind chill of 9 and about 24 hours of rain the day before. A perfect day to start the S10 and take it for a drive since it has been two weeks since it was last started.

She didn’t want to, but aside from that one hiccup she started right up. Not bad for 170,000 miles, bad valve seals (doesn’t burn enough oil for me to bother with a fix) and a Rural King battery of unknown age.


Took it for a nice little drive through the country. Had a slight adventure as I hit an ice puddle near a stop sign and the ABS activated. It sounds like a mid-’90s dial up Internet modem, FYI. Got some wheel spin on that same puddle when I took off, too.

The roads dried out from yesterday’s thunderstorms (cold front in Kentucky...gotta love it) before it got too cold, so the only ice is the occasional puddle.

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