Woke up and decided to write this

When you no longer trust others
When you no longer trust yourself
When you can’t be yourself around others
When you can’t figure out yourself
When you convince yourself you will be alone forever
When you convince yourself you will be by yourself forever
When you realize you’re always the first to reach out
When you realize they only reach out if they need something
When family isn’t supportive
When they put their own interests above everything else
When they convince you are worthless
When they criticize everything you do or say
When they are constantly condescending
When you want an escape
When you wish they would get over themselves
When you feel nothing
When you feel nothing about everything
When a wave of nihilism consumes you
When everything turns bleak
When you can no longer see the future
When you can no longer imagine things being different
When you feel as though you reached a plateau
When you are stagnant
When you keep this to yourself
When you reach out but they don’t listen
When you expect from others
When you have no expectations
When you still get disappointed
When you drown yourself in these emotions
When you dig yourself down a deep hole
When you realize they’re just emotions and thoughts
When you realize this just exists inside your head
When you understand do not have to be happy
When you understand everything is temporary
When you understand this is okay
When you understand you are okay

You have choices. Be observant of your own thoughts and emotions at all times. Monitor them objectively. Understand they may come from somewhere but they are not always based on rationale or logic. They’re just like waves in the ocean… they come and go. They disappear or just crash onto the shore. Reach out.

Hope this helps whoever. If you’re going through a rough patch I can send you some resources.


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