This is probably the one circuit where the race director can liberally use footage of celebrities in the garages or grid girls and it’ll probably be more interesting than the race itself.

Fingers crossed that all the drivers are feeling especially brave today, otherwise we’re in for one hell of a conveyor belt race today.

RIC just needs to do what VET/HAM are typically so good at, which is building a small gap and then controlling it. I wonder how the race pace will be for the Red Bull compared to the Ferrari and Mercedes.

I love watching the on-board footage from this circuit but for a race it’s just not that great. For some overtaking we’d probably be better off putting the full grid in Smart Cars so that they have the maximum room possible to attempt overtakes. Perhaps we could use modified P45s, engineered by a certain British ape:


Anyways, as much as I complain about Monaco, here I am still watching it. I’ll probably end up playing Diablo while the race plays in the background.