I have this guy, the Lenovo Y470, the "let's make sure to keep all the shit that was wrong with before, so the next iterations fixes everything" model because the Y480, 400, and 410 look/sound soooo much better than this.

It's been good to me. I've modded it a bit though: 7200 RPM hard drive with 8GB SSD cache, 64GB mSATA drive, and new thermal paste. I tend to do this to my laptops (my 2007 nonpro Macbook has 2 120GB SSD drives, new thermal paste, modded to take more than the stock RAM, higher capacity battery, etc.). I never see the error in my ways ( http://lifehacker.com/5950321/when-b… ).


The hinge has been broken from the bottom case for about 2 months now. That forced me to be gentle when opening and closing it. Also, the Y470 had been running hotter than usual after I replaced the thermal paste. "Shoot" I thought, "I messed up administering the paste." This still might be the case, but in order to NOT have to tear down EVERYTHING ( literally, to get at the heatsink, no two major parts are left together), I decided to reglue the hinge and restickify (with more glue) some fabric tape that functions as mini-ducting.

Problems I ran into included screws smaller than things I've taken out of my eye, ribbons cables with tighenters/fasteners that are more dysfunctional than classic Jaguar suspension after a dirt rally, glue with the consistency of coolant, and how the monitor hinge WOULDN'T STAY WHERE I NEEDED IT TO STAY as it dried. So now the right corner of laptop is now roughly 81.7% BAZIC© Super Glue [Cyanoacrylate] (aka the cheapest glue on Amazon). I would hold the screen where it needed to be, use my Calc and Physics book to prop it, leave, come back, and see that it had dried out of place. Move hinge back, reglue, place books, hold, get tired/bored, repeat. Finally finished. Reassemble. Blue Screen of Death. God. Damnit.


Also, when the fan kicked on, it smelled like I was huffing ALL THE THINGS.

So I type this on my 2007 2.4 GHz Macbook, where OS X 10.5 cannot handle 4GB of RAM stock, and the graphics chip [GMA X3100] struggles to play Youtube at 360p. It used to be fine, but sometime in 2011 the resources required for everything skyrocketed and it just couldn't keep up. But it still boots like a motherfucker. I take solace in this.


If you guys and gals have another GIF party, you'll probably burn this guy to a crisp.

Edit: Hell, to make it car related, I'll post the little guys that keep me company when I'm workin' hard.