Women of OPPO - re: the Danielle Muscato tweet

Motivated by the disgusting note left on Mrs. RiceRocketeer’s car, and by the recent flood of responses to Danielle Muscato’s tweet, I’m really interested to know: what percentage of guys that you come into contact with in your everyday life would you consider creepy or worth being fearful of? It’s sad/depressing/infuriating that enough guys are creeps that many women feel the need to live their lives in fear and/or constant vigilance...

As a guy who’s not an asshole and would never treat any woman poorly (my dad, brothers, uncles were all good role models), #MeT00 has really opened my eyes to how many guys out there are assholes (or have been in the past)... I always knew there were some, and have witnessed rude behavior in the past, but with so many incidents that are coming to light and the fact that almost all women have some kind of story to tell about a guy who’s been an asshole to them (or worse), it’s hard not to feel like decent, respectful guys are the minority, even though I know this isn’t the truth.


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