Alright, so my mechanic and I did a comb over on my car, and we determined a number of issues:

- The right front wheel isn’t cupping, it’s feathering on the inside. The left front is doing the same. However, since it’s wearing out faster, the feathering is less pronounced. The womp noise is my increasingly not round tyre bumping along the road.

- My front tyres are absurdly low quality, and their tread patterns encourage high road noise.

- My alignment is best described as “atrocious”.

- Struts and shocks are okay, not great, but in serviceable condition. He recommends new ones in the next 10k.


- My bushings are pretty old and should be replaced.

The verdict? Get an alignment, rotate the tyres on the rims, replace the bushings if I can, and don’t ever buy tyres from China again.


Prisma for your time :)