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Brother had a rough weekend with his LGT

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2005, white LGT like this one. Went to start it and it wouldn’t start - battery terminal corrosion. Cleaned it up and started a 150 drive, about half way, BAD vibrations appear. Turns out he lost his wheel weights and it shook so bad his strut tower bolts had loosened. Tighten the strut tower and drove VERY slowly the next 75 miles with no wheel weights...which was good because then he was going slower for when he hit a deer which tore off his front bumper. 5 hours later he made it. To get home he zip tied the bumper, bought some wheel weights at the only gas station around and started home still vibrating but better...until about 50 miles from home when he got a P0011/P0021 code and it started running rough.

Yup, turns out the stupid factory IHI VF40 turbo munched itself and sent turbo bits into the motor.


Its dead. He had the top end completely rebuilt 30k miles ago. Sad story.

This is officially the 2nd (!) LGT that has had turbo failure in my immediate family (older brother also had turbo failure in his). He was using synthetic and changing it regularly...


Also sad, about 2 weeks ago I advised him highly to dump it before it became a money pit “nah, I’m going to keep this thing forever”

Protip - if you have a 100,000 + mile turbo Subi....consider a turbo upgrade as a maintenance item.

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