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Womp womp...

My personal phone is a Pixel 3A XL that I quite liked other than the battery life being meh after the Android 10 update.

Today though it decided to take a dive off table in the garage and the screen figured it had enough.

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Photo: ME!!!!

I had not planned on replacing this phone as it still did what I needed of it quite well and even though it didn’t have the fancy super-high resolution cameras and multi-sensors the latest gen of phones do it takes quite good photos (for a phone).


Time to drag the spare Moto G5S Plus out of the drawer and I’m reminded why I loved the pixel so much when I bought it. The camera on the Moto is terrible by comparison (see above phone photo).

So I’m torn on what to do - looking at parts costs a new screen for the Pixel will cost me ~$150 which is steep on a phone that’s already a year and a half old, but still worked fine enough. For $200 I can buy a Moto G Stylus and while I likely wouldn’t use the stylus much it would be nice when gloved.


So what would you do oppo? I’m way too cheap to buy a flagship phone and figure I’ll likely get aggravated with this 3 year old Moto G5S Plus pretty quickly, but I’m also barely using my phone other than to dial in for conference calls...

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