It finally happened! In my second year of racing (somewhat) seriously, I’ve finally won a national championship event in my own class (in a car that’s not mine). And yes, there is an onboard video.

There’s a reason for my nickname, you know.

The format of the event I’m competing in is somewhat similar to SCAA AutoX, with the only difference being that this is about 97 times more exciting, as we were racing on city streets closed for the rally.

With the season nearing its end and my e36 compact now having a roll cage, which means it would have to go in a different class, I borrowed a friend’s car for this event. Have to admit, the livery is awesome.


Anyhow, on to how it went in the event - we had to do three runs on the stage, and were given points for the position that we finish in our class (first place gets 1 point, second place gets 2 points, etc.), with the sum of your two best runs forming a result. Basically, you need to win two out of the three runs to guarantee a victory.


I usually need a while to get up to speed, so, typically, I move up the leaderboard with each run, resulting with a great last run, but not so great when it comes to finishing position in the event standings. Here, with me being in the thick of the battle for 2nd to 4th place in the championship and two more rounds to go after this one, I knew that there was no time to play around and slowly adapt while other drivers score better positions in the first runs. Got a good launch on the first run and had a clean, if a bit careful run, which resulted in a first place in my class by 0.5 seconds. Great!


Now, on to the second run:

For those of you not fluent in Latvian, @2:07 I’m saying “come on”, followed by “well, this should’ve been pretty good” right after the finish.


And so it was. Won my class by 0.9 seconds to guarantee my first win in a national championship series! With two rounds to go, I am still in with a shot at second place, and, if I can keep up the pace from last weekend, the small points cushion to fourth position should be enough to fulfill this season’s goal - to finish on the podium in the championship standings.

I know what you’re asking. Yes, this is the same shirt as in the first picture. Yes, it is, indeed, awesome.


The next event is this Saturday, so here’s hoping it works out as well as this one did!

Also, if you happen to have run into a large pile of money that you can’t seem to spend no matter how hard you try, I have a few good ideas regarding sponsoring guys who wear silly white shirts during awards ceremonies...