Wonderful start to the week...

I’ve noticed a slight smell of petrol when next to my car in the past week. Seemed to only happen when the tank was above half full. I had Humdrum in for an oil change today and had the mechanic look into it, and joy of joys, the tank has rusted through at the top side of the weld seam in the middle between the top half and bottom half...pretty commonplace for similar tanks in cars here because of the salt in the winter.

Even with undercoating, it’s hard to get undercoating sealant on TOP of the tank, even with an undercoating ‘wand’ because of clearance, so it’s common for them to rust from above...thus the top side of my tank’s weld seam is now leaking anytime I fill it past half. Explains why I’ve lost like 100km of fuel economy on the last tank, so that was a lot of gas (and therefore money) wasted, ARGH... :(

I’d checked underneath several times and never saw ONE DROP dripping, and no puddles (yes, I know gas evaporates quickly), so not sure where it all went, but sure enough, he showed me the telltale signs of a leak from where the leaking gas was dissolving away the undercoating on the tank as it ran down the side. Quote to repair it is around $750...boo. :(


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