Won't get fooled again.

You won’t get me again, BMW. I fell for the whole “remove the strut pinch bolt to change an axle, it’ll be easy.” lie last time and attacked that bolt. Broke the damn thing off and spent 7hr drilling it out.

Not this time, you Bavarian bastard. Got the wheel off, cleaned off the bolt and soaked it with PB Blaster a couple times yesterday. I’m going to do it today as well, then leave for my 4 day trip afterwards. It should be good and soaked by the time I tackle it on Tuesday. If the bolt doesn’t break loose fairly easily on Tuesday I’ll heat it up and try again. I will not be breaking that bolt again.


If for some reason I can’t get it out without breaking it, I’ll leave the damn bolt in and pull off the lower control arm and tie rod to create the access I need.

That is the bastard that won’t defeat me this time.

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