Got a promotion/raise!

Feels pretty good as this is the first time since I left “the (accounting) firm” that I’ve been “promoted”, as opposed to leaving one company for another to climb the ladder. Something about it feels like I’ve actually proven myself instead of talking my way in to a job (with the resulting first year or so of imposter syndrome).


7% raise in base pay, not too bad and will improve my bonus and stock awards a bit too. No idea what a typical in-job raise is these days (i.e. my duties don’t really change – I’m just classified at a higher grade level)? I’m used to ~1% “cost of living” adjustments the last few years and not much else so this is certainly waaay better than that.

Time to start looking up irrational car purchases! JK – but doesn’t help that my wife recently commented how nice it was to have 3 cars in the household for when family visited (grand parents visit a lot, now having a toddler we use as bait for them).

But even if I do get a new car sometime in the near future it’ll be a new commuter (which won’t be anything “exciting”, but I’m excited for a PHEV or another cheap electric of some sort) – and pamper the ZHP for a few more years while slowly fixing up all the tiny little things.

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