Woohoo I won a wooden box

had me christmas do at work today... free beer and as it turns out a pubquiz

anyhoo..i sucked at most of the pubquiz... but they had a round about f1 and italian car makes....hence the wooden box


ive always wanted a wooden box

(they also gave me a bigly box of snackages...wich i had the intern deliver to my doorstep..heheheh...hes a good kid :p)(seriously....dudes gonna be earning the big bucks when he graduates)

aaaaaand...i got a $700 end of year bonus


thats fuckin awesome (i know a good chunk of oppo is highly educated and earning the big bucks..buts thats an extra weeks wages to me...awesome this time of year)

so..whilst my bosses will happily overwork me to death...at least they are pretty generous :)


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