Woooooooo! Finally got a real job!

I’ve not really mentioned it on here, but for the past 10 years since leaving college(almost exactly to the day!) I’ve been self employed. I can’t say it was a particularly successful endeavour, the last few years have really been a grind, and being totally honest a miserable experience. I finished up the lease on the unit I was renting at the end of last year, which pretty much drew the line under it.

Since then I’ve been applying for all sorts, not really wanting to carry on in the same sector. I’ve tried all sorts, all across the UK as well as further afield, without much luck.


As with many things, it’s turned out to be a who you know situation. After an incredibly informal chat, I’m starting on Monday as the workshop manager for an industrial company that’s just down the road. Dealing with stores, CE documentation, ordering the materials, that kind of thing. Finally a regular pay cheque and time off!

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