Update: On Friday I passed my phone screening with the team lead (there was a backlog, but they got me scheduled pretty quickly since he was out of town for a week and a half) and they want to get me in ASAP, so I’m going in for a technical interview on Monday with a member of the team. I’m nervous, but hopeful.


I passed the HR screening and my resume was good enough to be given an interview, so next week I get to talk to the team working on a very interesting product that is right up my alley at a large employer in the area. I’m so excited, though I know that I probably don’t have an amazing shot (it seems like it’s fairly easy to get in as a n00b there, but much harder to get in with senior level skills/background). It’s in their R&D division, which is pretty small and elite, so that does make me nervous because I suspect they’ll be pretty selective.

But hey, progress. I didn’t even find them, a recruiter in their HR department is the one that identified me... It was shocking that they actually read enough of my profile to figure out that this group would be a good fit for my skills & interests, unlike most recruiters that seem to be fairly indiscriminate and just ask about random stuff.

I have some hope.


Wankel for your time.