With all of this internet stuff, it’s sometimes forgotten that words can be written elsewhere. With that in mind, an article I wrote about the winged car convention last year is in the most recent Mopar Action magazine.

I’ve mentioned before that I attended a reunion of winged cars this past October in Alabama. There, I got a ride in Richard Petty’s Superbird, interviewed Charlie Glotzbach, and saw more winged cars than you could shake a stick at.


Of course, I have a book out about the cars as well but I never miss an opportunity to tell the world of these wonderful cars. So my good friends at Mopar Action agreed to publish a piece I wrote about the event. If you pass near a newsstand in the next month, look for the Mopar Action with the “Rare ‘71 Hemi GTX” on the cover. My story begins on page 74.

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