Well, I decided to interview with another local company to test the waters and because frankly... my current job is frustrating.

Well, interview was this morning and I had the offer by 11AM. They’re offering better hours (read; less unpaid overtime) and promising a more manageable workload. And a raise... which I honestly wasn’t expecting. Plus the projects I’d be working on are a probably more interesting than endless apartment complexes and condos.

On the other hand, my current company has some guaranteed work coming down the pipe for the next 5 years, which in construction is kind of a big deal. Plus the people here are actually pretty great... When you ignore that management doesn’t give a shit about the hours we’re having to work to make ridiculous deadlines.

So now I have to decide if I should do the “prudent” thing and stay where I am and tough it out and be glad I’m in a company with guaranteed work, or make the jump to some place where I’ll actually have free time again and will be able to better handle the workload. Decisions are hard.

Here’s a picture from when I was at the Pirelli Challenge at Road America.