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I’ve been at work almost 3 years and still have no benefits and shit pay. I’ve seen at least 10 people who started after me get promoted. Coworkers are always asking me for help and managers have told me they appreciate my hard work and dedication, whatever bullshit they come up with.


Last week I talked to a manager about full time opportunities and he basically said “wait til the spring/summer.”

Today I found out they promoted a bunch of editors to supervisors this week. All of them started way after me. I know this is the emotion speaking but I’m half tempted to walk in there during my shift tonight and tell them “This is my last shift, bye.” Also don’t want to do those fucking midnight surfing shifts next week. I’m done being taken advantage of.

I don’t have a backup plan and I’ve been actively applying to jobs but I could just freelance Photoshop or design stuff to build a better portfolio. Pretty sure even if I charge $30 an hour I’d make twice as much weekly. I don’t know why I keep sacrificing insane hours for shit pay and at the end of the day I only have 2 expenses, gas + car.

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