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Alright oppo I need help. My job is killing my soul. M8 Gran coupe pic for your time.

So as you can probably guess, I’m an engineer. Back in october we fired a guy that was terrible so I then was mainly doing his job while mine sat on the back burner. Our company could still function, so things were sorta fine. We had also recently hired a new engineer that was taking on a role that didn’t really exist before. Whatever, I never had time for it anyways.


Fast forward 4 months. We finally fill the fucking position because our leadership is terrible. Now all of a sudden I found out that new guy has taken on things that I would have normally done. He has also somehow removed all the red tape while I was “away” and is freely working on projects I had asked to, but leadership always said “nah that’s fine”.

Now he’s taken a substantial portion of what I used to do and I’m bored as fuck most of the time because I’ve fixed all of the issues on my side.

Also note that the guy is a good guy and I have zero beef with him, but he somehow keeps getting projects from our president who isn’t even our actual manager. I don’t ever speak with our president and he obviously doesn’t care what I’m working on. Meanwhile my actual manager has no fucking clue what I actually do and he’s basically said that to my face.

I’m bored out of my mind, have hinted that I need things to work on. We have a major project this year that I was going to be a major part of, but there’s been zero movement from leadership. It’s nearly April and we were told that we’d get to work on it back in January.


I basically sit around all day and either look for things to do or wait for fires to put out. today I did like 30 minutes of real work (insert Office Space here). Leadership has no idea. Now mind you we only have 55 employees and most are technicians.

At this point I’m afraid to tell them I’m bored out of my damned mind and have no projects to work on because I’ve fixed everything in my realm. I also get push-back whenever I suggest we make a design change on something (mainly to give me something to do, but it would be helpful all the same).


So yeah, I feel I’ve been pushed out since that time I filled in for so long and now I have a boss that gives no fucks, has no management experience besides here, and has no experience in what I do either. The kicker is the guy we hired in January is quitting Friday, so I get to fill in again for that spot probably for a month at least because we suck at running a business.

If you think HR might be a choice, I did mention it to her (yes we have 1 person there) and she said she mentioned it to the higher-ups that I need to be challenged more. That was at least 3 weeks ago. No one ever came to talk with me. I also don’t feel like speaking with her much since she used to run inventory and has a history of gossiping and not getting along with coworkers; why leadership made her head of HR I have no fucking clue. Again, leadership and their lack of it.


Yes I’m applying for jobs, but what the hell do I do in the meantime? It’s been like this for 2 months and I’m losing my mind.

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