Because I don't feel like fighting the slick driveway to get out on Friday morning when I should be at Barber Motorsports Park. So I have to re-assemble the Audi, and get it on the trailer, and put everything out on the street.

Things to be done:

  • Put new H7 lamps in the fog lamp housings
  • Re-install the intercooler shrouds
  • Re-install the bumper
  • Install the new battery
  • Put the front wheels back on
  • Put the wipers and rain tray back on
  • Put the car on the trailer
  • Put gas and tools in car on trailer
  • Put the whole damn thing out on the street to avoid the driveway

The last one feels really weird to me, because we used to have these things called snowplows that came by and would run over your car if it were parked in the street. However, in the South, we don't have those!

And I need to do this before it starts snowing (not that big of a deal) and before it starts melting and then the ground starts cooling (is that big of a deal because sheet ice).

So have a Nogaro Blue S4