The stuff of forum spam might just become a reality for me.

After 15 years in banking, I just heard that an offer is forthcoming to work for one of the largest banks in the US, doing just a fraction of my current job (but at a greater depth). That’s not to say the job is great because of it being a large bank, but rather that I’ll be leaving the mass chaos, lack of resources, and frenetic management of a newer, smaller company for one that’s been vetted and evolved over a century and a half. Much more professional and predictable.

And apparently the group phone interview went so well, they agreed to my initial request to work from home (which 90% of the team already does). I have to go to the home office for a couple weeks to train, but after that I’m going to be the Doug Demuro of bank analysts: Pants optional.

The offer isn’t official and I don’t know if we’re talking about a 5% raise or 25% raise, but either way...working from home! Sure, I’m trading my irreplaceability right now for being another cog in a big wheel at the new place, but that also comes with more advancement opportunity and less fear that your company might not be around a year or two from now. Plus I’ll be able to work at 6am, 10pm, and anywhere in between. Helping around the house, taking the kids to school, etc. Things you can’t easily do if you’re expected to sit in a downtown office 10 hours a day.

I didn’t come here to brag, I’m just in shock. The lesson I’ve learned over the past 5 years here is that patience pays off, and the best jobs will come up through random sources and not necessarily through beating down the front doors of prospective employers. PATIENCE.