I’ve seen a lot of incredible vehicles working for the .00001% in the greater Seattle area. But this... This is a first. Ford GT has been added to the list.

At the new job I’m being given monthly goals to meet, and whether or not I score a bonus that month depends on if I meet the goal. This month the goal is to increase dollars/hour on all window washing jobs by 50%. I work with a fantastic crew, but they’re not the best when it comes to windows. The company makes the least money on window cleaning out of all services offered, so the crew (some of whom work on commission) generally hate window jobs.

That’s where I come in. It’s crazy to be working at what I consider a slow pace, with poor equipment, and see everyone stop and stare, jaws dropping. These guys all use water fed poles (carbon fiber filtered-water extension pole brush thingys) and have been told by the company and YouTube that Water Fed Poles are practically the second coming of Jesus. Fast, safe, and a great job.


That’s not really the case... Suffice to say, with focus shifted towards laddering up and doing windows by hand, I’ve already got the 50% increase in $/hr, as well as helped deliver a significantly higher quality cleaning job. All without the use of crazy expensive gear (those poles are about $3000 a piece).

I had a point to this, tied back into the GT, but.... Uh. No clue. Sorry! Enjoy this before and after one of my guys took. The crew was using steel wool before I arrived, which would have taken about fifteen minutes to get a nasty skylight looking halfway decent. I’ve shown them the light with razorblades and they’ll never look back.


It’s very strange after so many years doing the same thing, to really step back and see how good you got at it. This company charges 3x the price that I did at my old business, takes twice as long to finish, and does a significantly worse job. And yet because of an incredibly business and tech savvy owner, the company grew to 9x the size of mine in the same time period. I don’t know how long I’ll stay here, but oh boy have I been learning a ton.