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I like my job because you wake up not knowing what you’re going to do. You could be going to a fire, investigating fraud, taking a statement or learning something new. Where I work changes too. I have an office, but typically work from home. I usually just wear a hoodie/tee/jeans to work/at home but a dress-shirt (typically) when working.

Past claims have been large chemical fires, supervising unloading of a rolled over truck, acting as interim security or even doing light surveillance/recon work. I work closely with private security, police, fire and many types of forensic investigators.

Today took me to a large international convenience store chain’s regional office. First off...they have ICE CREAM in their lobby. I love shit like that.


My investigation kinda changed gear a few times and I found myself on the roof of the skyscraper, 27 stories up on a wet windy day.

The building is in the heart of Surrey, BC’s transformation and is very pretty. I thought I’d share some photos of the building and some of the MASSIVE condensers. The building is a mall, brewery, university campus and office building.

I don’t like heights, so needless to say climbing an additional 15 feet on a steel ladder in the rain wind while being able to see all the way down wasn’t fun. The ladder was just from one section of the roof to another and I wasn’t in any danger.

(exterior photos not mine).

disclaimer: Nothing pictured is material to the claim nor is the building my insured.


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