Work (road) trip!

I’m embarking on a 3-week trip to Las Vegas. It’ll be nice to ditch the rain and gloom for a bit, but I’m going to miss the hell out of the Mrs. and kiddo. On the plus side, I’m no longer active duty Air Force, so no more 6 month trips to Satan’s ass crack.

Work gave me the option of flying coach (ew!) or driving my personal vehicle (yay!). I’m not one to pass up a road trip, plus being without freedom of transportation for 3 weeks always sucks.


I considered driving my XJ. I just dumped $930 into it... it’s still nowhere near ready for a trip like this. Studebaker? That would be fun, but, lol...

Yeah, that leaves the 6,500 pound, 4.10 geared land-Titanic. I’m praying to break 16 mpg on the highway, but honestly I wouldn’t have seen much over 17 with the Joop.

I’m wanting to go do a bit of back country exploring while I’m there. Does anyone know of some good spots? Ghost towns? Alien encounters? Last time I went south to check out the Grand Canyon, the Hoover Dam and Route 66. This time I’d like to see Joshua Tree and maybe some off-the-beaten-path stuff, but nothing too crazy (I have 4 wheel drive and all terrains, but excessive girth and I care about my sheetmetal/paint). No, I’m not much of a drinker and I don’t gamble...

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