Work secret santa result

We used handy dandy to manage our little HR & admin group secret santa. I put a cheap car wash foaming gun on my wish list along with other assorted specific items I’d like, including a clay mitt, a cat toy, a vegan soul food cookbook, and some knee wraps for lifting. My secret santa took the car wash gun idea and ran with it. I already have a giant bottle of car wash soap and a couple wash mitts, but still A+ for effort.

Oh, also...


My secret santee’s wish list consisted of 3 specific items at Sephora, all of which were out of stock. One of them was an eyeshadow palette so I got my wife to help me find something equivalent to the one my santee wanted. She ended up very happy with it.

Looks like I’ll have to get that clay mitt for myself when spring rolls around.

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