So as some of you know I do video editing for sports and I have completely crazy hours. For example, today I started working at 2:30AM. Tomorrow I’ll be there in the evening, next week I’ll have a couple 12AM shifts. I’ve been there for 20 or so months and I’m still goddamn part time. I work hard and do a good job, I get along to an extent with everyone there, and I treat everyone with respect. They’ve promoted a couple people who started working *after* I did. Here’s the kicker. I don’t hang out with anyone at work. A lot of them drink together, socialize, etc. No one has invited me to anything and when I ask people if they want to try *new restaurant* or go see some art or whatever they always are too busy or can’t make it. Don’t be fucking fake nice and just say not interested.

Anyways I feel with my coworkers and my job there I’ve reached a plateau. I’ve been trying to find a better position for around a year and am open to relocating. I have a Master’s and redesigned my resume with the help of my sister, parents, a couple of professional designers, a couple Oppo members (and a few ex-Oppo ones i keep in touch with), etc. Now another thing is... I know next to no one professionally. My network is zero. I have a lot of people on LinkedIn but most of them are coworkers or classmates from undergrad/grad school. I’m pretty good at video editing and Photoshop work, can do unity 3D and graphic design as well.

It’s also I want out of this goddamn bubble that is Long Island. Being a Muslim born American and the town I live in, I’m never going to penetrate that bubble because I’m brown and would never fit in with my town’s beach club/country club lifestyle. I’ve never hung out with my neighbors and some of them are around my age. They just go about life living in their own rich world far away from reality and that’s the kind of lifestyle they’re born and raised in.