Ran into the shop this morning to get paperwork out of some vehicles. There was a current-generation Pathfinder, a new Pilot, and a VW Atlas all parked next to each other, getting leather. For reference, the Pathfinder was a 14, and it had the horrible velcro-like crushed-velour that Nissan used in those cars until last year. The Honda cloth is as good a cloth as I’ve seen in a family SUV. And the VW cloth feels and looks cheap.

I already had the Atlas and Pilot paperwork on my desk. I walked right past the Pathfinder, reached in the Atlas, and realized when I saw the big badge on the steering wheel that it was actually a VW.

In their quest to meet the market demand for Crossover homogeneity, VW has succeeded. The Atlas is about as inconspicuous from a side profile as a Pilot or Pathfinder.