Work Vehicle

So, as most of you know, I have been looking at Jeeps. Specifically, JK Willys Wheelers. I really don’t want to part with my Fiesta ST nor do I want to go into debt again (both the CX-3 & ST are paid off).

So... what if I bought a different car? One on my bucket list? I am really, really looking the option of getting a P71 Crown Vic. I get $500 a month for my car allowance. I’d rather see that go towards insurance/maintenance than car payments. If things change, I can easily unload the Crown Vic for little financial penalty.

My wife seems to be on board. The only thing she hates more than me having a 3rd car is having more debt. Also, 4 cars means I can officially insure my “collection” as a fleet with our government insurer.


What say you Oppo? Good idea or poor idea? The stock up here seems kinda limited.  I’d try to get a VPD car as the RCMP cars are beat to shit usually.  I made the mistake of looking at US listings...way better models.

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