Work Week of Overly Competitive Giving

I am enjoying my job. I’ve been at this new company for around six months and I have no regrets about leaving my old company (especially for as much crap that’s happened since I left, good ol FoMoCo is wack). Anyway, this week we’re rallying about donating for a good cause and have a bunch of events going on. It’s a blast, I even did a magic show (side hobby that has weirder people than us oppo folk). We are in teams and it’s point driven by things we do. By participating and raising more than last year we get three more vacation days. Further more, the winning team gets a fourth day of vacation, so the incentive is strong! Very strong it seems. Turns out, I was severely unprepared for the week of giving.

There are regular groups chatting in whispers around the office about strategy. I’ve had people come in to my office to close the door and still talk in whispers about this or that. If you’ve got an aggressive strategy people are complaining to the higher ups about the rules being bent, unless it’s their strategy in which case it’s a why are you telling on us kind of thing. Apparently last year an IT supervisor guy donated his entire pay check to get points. We’re collecting food donations and someone brought in a 25 lb bag of corn meal (part of the points come from the weight of the food). He is proud of his accomplishment, but I feel like totally missing the feasibility of the donation to a single family aspect. It’s a strange overly competitive mood in the office and it wasn’t something I anticipated.

It’s also coupled with a top boss who has taken to asking us how many hours we’ve worked this week and overly supporting those who have worked greater than 60 hours each week. I have no fault with working and I work somewhere in the 50 hours per week range. However I’m not sure that vibe is the work life balance I want to hear so much support for.


Not sure where I was going with this, but I’m struggling with how strange it all is. 

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