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Work...what I do. Leather/Plastic repair 17 Vette photo dump

The setup. I work out of a Transit Connect, going to different car dealers doing reconditioning on interiors. I also do private jets, buses, furniture and even apparel on occasion. But automotive is my bread and butter.

This is a 2017 Corvette that had been used at car shows (Philly and Wilmington I believe) that just got sold. There was lots of wear as many people were in and out of it, someone also caused damage stealing the emblems off the seats...sad. I work for this Ford dealer, but they have a sister Chevy dealer I don’t service. A manager there knows me from another Chevy dealer I service and doesn’t trust the guys they use so he called me...I like that. It reminds me why I work so hard to get the best possible results at all times, especially in an industry mostly occupied by hacks.


was called for damage from stealing the emblems in particular, but knew I needed to do much more upon inspection. I color match by eye and red is the most difficult with the product I use...yay...I hate red for this reason. Blue sucks too.

Drivers Seat Before:

You can see how dirty they were looking at the bottom front center
2 cuts under the emblem holes

Drivers Seat After:

Driver Door Scuffs
Drivers door after. There are some blemishes visible in the speaker grill, but it was snapped so needs replaced, I just improved it for delivery.
Passenger Door Scuffs
There were some scratches in the console near the center and under the lid I forgot to photo, but here’s the after

Thanks for looking!

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