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Worked a little too well

I went to to the doctor a month ago to get my blood pressure under control and was prescribed Lisinopril. I was also there to deal with an annoying, dry cough, which, ironically, was actually made worse by this medication.

It seems that the meds worked a tad too well. Both the nurse and the doctor had a hard time getting a reading. What was once 160/100 was now down to 80/60. I guess diet and exercise did the trick, although I didn’t exercise all that much nor did my eating habits change all that much.

I’m not worrying too much about fat (I love good cheese and went back to whole milk from non-fat and eat lots of nuts), just avoiding carbs and eating more vegies and protein. Cholesterol is still quite low, so I don’t feel too bad about enjoying a decent meal every now and again.

Getting old is weird. Backaches that I never had before, and acid reflux from hell. I try to avoid meds whenever possible if I can handle the situation without them, concerned about side effects. Generic Pepcid has made the reflux problem a thing of the past, and Naproxen is helping with the aches and pains.

The doctor did suggest massages for the back pain, and I just wonder where to go to get a legitimate one. There was an odd little guy at my old job back at LAX that knew all of the massage parlors in town and how much to pay for a happy ending, but I actually just want my back worked; my front is just fine, thankyouverymuch...

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