Today was a surprisingly good workout with some good numbers (for me, not the internet)! Becoming the Man of Steel starts with the buns, that’s what my fortune cookie said 6 years ago. Here’s how it went if you are into this kind of stuff:

*Im a casual gym goer but watch a lot of anime and action/superhero stuff and I’m aware of all the workout stuff people are into right now.


Warm Up

Squat 95 lbs 1x9

Deadlift 95 1x9

Squat 115 lbs for 1x9

Deadlift 115 lbs 1x6

Squat 135 lbs for 1x9

Deadlift 135 lbs 1x6


Workout (Deadlift)

Deadlift 155 lbs 1x6

Deadlift 245 lbs 1x6, stretch

Deadlift 315 lbs 1x3

Deadlift 365 lbs 1x3, stretch

Deadlift 385 lbs 3x3, stretch x3

Deadlift 365 lbs 1x3, stretch

Deadlift 315 lbs 1x3, stretch

Deadlift 245 lbs 1x3

Deadlift 155 lbs 1x3


Workout (Flat Bench Press)

Bench 45 lbs 1x9

Bench 95 lbs 1x9

Bench 135 lbs 1x6

Bench 205 lbs 1x6, rest

Bench 255 lbs 1x3

Bench 275 lbs 3x3, rest x3

Bench 255 lbs 1x3, rest

Bench 205 lbs 1x6

Bench 135 lbs 1x6

Go home

That was about 90 minutes. All the stretching keeps my lower back and hamhocks from twinging. I wasn’t even close to this stuff until July when I started doing this working up, working out, then working down thing. Was like some kind of Saitama unlock for me.

Im a 29 year old, 5 foot 11 inch African American male that weighs 230 lbs by the way. I’m just really happy right now because I feel all ready to take a nap and eat some animals and stuff.

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