The saga of my crazy apartment parking policy has come to an end, thanks partly to me posting a nasty review of my complex on, which I learned if you post a review it gets emailed to the property. Good to know.

(For those who don't want to read original post: I park my 135is in my assigned garage space and my Grand Cherokee winter beater outside. Apartment manager left a note on everyone's doors saying any car left in the same spot in the outside lot for over 48 hours will be considered "abandoned" and towed. Now that spring is coming my 135is will be my daily so the Jeep will sit around and I didn't want to have to move it every other day to avoid being towed.)

When I talked to my apartment manager yesterday, she was totally unhelpful, kept escalating from me asking a question to her arguing at me, and I ended up telling her to fuck off then hung up on her. I then went on and posted a really nasty review with some other shady stuff the management had done in the past.

I left her a voicemail a couple hours later apologizing for acting rude toward her and said I wanted to work it out. We talked again today.


Turns out, many of my fellow residents have nothing better to do than be the parking police. They call and email her all the time about cars in the outside lots. Some people even take pictures of cars and send them to her. She posted the note to calm these people down.

BUT...myself and other 2-car-owning residents got all worried about the towing, and I was the last of like 10 other people who she had to talk to about it. Those other people were apparently even meaner to her than I was. By the time she talked to me she was at the end of her rope. She apologized to me for being bitchy. She also asked about the review I posted, which I said I had done in anger and I'd take it down.

End result of the convo today is as long as I keep my Jeep in a less-busy corner of the outdoor lots, and move it once or twice a week, it's all good. I still would rather be able to just leave it there, but I guess this will have to do.