Workin' from home; AMA

I screwed up my own calendar, because I am an idiot. I thought I had a cardiologist appointment today, but it is Wednesday. I am punchy because I was out late volunteering to work the beer stand at the Metallica concert. (Marching band fundraiser) I am working from home. I just wrote a side letter that not only saved a guy from a layoff, but he gets a raise, too! But he has to master some new skills in the next 18 months, so it may only be a temporary reprieve...

I am also working on my employee reviews. I have to meet with my people, which I have been putting off. I never minded these when we were super small, but now that I am bigger I have to give some negative feedback, which kind of sucks. It is really cold out (for here) and grey. Lots of snow in the Sierra, which is great. We are going to Yosemite as we typically do for the New Year, so I am hoping there will be snow for Toby to play in.

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