Kill me please....

I worked my first day, a 7 hour shift. I have made a terrible mistake picking this as my part time job.


-One customer kept telling me that he has a 1991 Hyundai. I asked him what model and he had no clue. I told him if he had the car here, I can take a look and tell him. He just told me to name off some names and he'd know it if he heard that's what I do. He might have gotten the year wrong so I start going down the line-up of 90's Hyundais. Then I started naming off some Honda names in the middle of my Hyundai spiel on the off chance he was grossly lost in the sauce when it came to cars. He had a Honda Accord.

-Another one wanted a brake light. I got him the type of bulb he needed. It's a 2 pack and he starts ranting that he only needs one and asks if he could refund the other bulb. No sir, it doesn't work that way.

-Manager tells me to get more people to sign up for our free Autozone membership card. I tell him that most customers already have one and everyone else, I already ask and explain to them the benefits and they still decline. They're grown people and if they don't want the card, I can respect their decision and not pry and force my way into making them sign up for one.

-Another Customer knew his car was a Saturn but had no idea what model it was. When I checked his car, he had an SL. It boggles my mind that people have no idea what car they drive. More so, a good chunk have no idea what motor they have; mind you, these are the same people who want to do their cars mechanic work themselves.


-We received a load from trucks today. It's no where near done when I punched out...probably because we are understaffed and have to tend to the customers first. I really do go out of my way to help customers install their newly bought batteries, wipers and bulbs. They were pressuring us to finish sorting the load, which I would totally do when there was some down time, but otherwise I can care less when there's customers to be tended to. Customers are always the bread and butter of any business and I truly enjoy helping them when I can. Either schedule more people or tell me that I'm exclusively to work load and I'll be off my merry way.

-I was told that I'm not supposed to help customers install bulbs unless they bought bulb grease. I use it all the time for my car since I don't want them to get stuck in there, but if the customer doesn't want to buy it, I'm not going to deny them help with installing it. Autozone is always trying to squeeze an extra buck out of people. I'm also supposed to sway customers to buy related stuff for whatever their DIY situation is because profit.


-One manager is honestly a cool guy, the other ones are like from the hood with their slang and lingo. I didn't sign up for this.

-Needless to say, I'm looking for another job right now and am really looking forward to putting in my two weeks notice. Me and this company just aren't a good fit.