Working from home means it takes me a looooong time to go through a tank of gas

Even though I now have to leave the house for work once a week, I’m still not driving much at all. The last time I filled up the tank in my 335xi, which if I drive it in totally city conditions is lucky to return 17 mpg, was January 22. I still have just over half a tank left.

The one day a week I do have to leave the house for work, I drive 32 miles round trip. Thankfully, even here in the DC area, it’s actually a mostly smooth-sailing highway trip, because I happen to be going the opposite direction of prevailing traffic, and not during peak rush hour.


Every other day of the week, the extent of my driving is the 2 mile round trip to my gym, and assorted errands which for the most part are similarly close to my house. It’s nice being close to everything. I just wish I had more free time to go bomb around some twisties like an idiot.

Needless to say, I won’t be car shopping anytime soon. Not that I was really planning to be anyway, but my 335xi with all its mods and stick shift kinda sucked at commuting in DC traffic, and I was thinking about better commuter cars. But since I’m not commuting in DC traffic, might as well keep the 335xi!

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