Today, I read the Jalopnik news brief article about how younger people don’t want to work in a dealership setting anymore. The same “Millennials Complain About Big, Bad People That Are Like 68 Years Old Now” vibe I see all over the Internet seemed to carry through, which was kind of bothersome, but hey, it’s the Internet. Because I don’t have the burdens a lot of “millennials” claim to have, I thought that if anyone was to go into the dealer world, it could be people from a background like mine.

My whole life, I’ve been interested in cars. As soon as I started grade school, though, my parents kept telling me that sales wasn’t good for me, that I was too honest to go into such a field when I grew up. However, after doing some research, not much is required to work for a dealership; in fact, I could be a salesperson now. That’s kind of wild, considering my parents still pay for my gas and I don’t know how to use the stove at my house. There’s something that seems very grown up about the act of getting someone into a vehicle that retails for $25,000.

There are pros and there are cons to this. The main positive I can think of is excellent networking experience. I’m in school for business right now, and positive work as a salesperson would benefit both the community and the dealer. People would enjoy the work I do, ultimately benefiting the dealer, and if corporate catches on, I could have a good shot at a full-time corporate position. Automotive marketing is my top choice, as I’ve always loved cars, just not the mechanics of them.

However, there are negatives to this. First of all, I don’t know how to drive manual and I’m not good with mechanics. If I decided to go into sales, I’d probably go new, as I’d feel terrible if I ignored a severe mechanical issue because of my own lack of knowledge. Keep in mind, I’m the same person who didn’t know what the gears of an automatic transmission meant until last year. The mechanical ignorance ties to my other worry: doing a bad job. I know there are lots of suspicious sales guys who probably forget that Toyota makes the Yaris iA, for instance, but I want to ensure top satisfaction from customers. Currently, I work in grocery, and I’ve received lots of praise due to my politeness and good attitude. I worry that would go to waste if the vehicle I sold to someone was a lemon; they’d complain all over Facebook, and that blame would ultimately get tied back to me, the seller.

With all of this information in mind, would sales be a good field for me to go into, or to avoid? Please keep in mind that I’m in the south, so a Chick Fil A-like experience is key for a lot of people. I know that I can go on a different track when I’m out of school, but I was just wondering if automotive sales would be a great segway into working for a big company. Thank you!