Since I am one of those people who prefer to build their gaming machines, instead of buying them at the local electronics store, I do not have GTA V.

I do however, want to make a playlist of songs that go well with Liberty City, to play on Independence FM, and possibly some that match the franchise itself, maybe a few other iconic songs as well. I decided to start playing GTA IV again, as I never managed to finish the story.

So far my list comprises of songs from (Will be in quotation marks if only one song):

The Crystal Method

The Prodigy - "Invaders Must Die"

Depeche Mode

Moby - "Body Rock"

Fatboy Slim - "Rockafeller Skank"

Bomfunk MC's - "Freestyler"


Daft Punk

Dead or Alive - "You Spin Me Right Round"

Sigue Sigue Sputnik

M83 - "Midnight City"

Cage the Elephant


Ram Jam - "Black Betty"

Silversun Pickups - "Lazy Eye"

New Order - "Blue Monday"

Faithless - "Insomnia"

Tesla Boy - "Spirits of the Night"


Chemical Brothers

Pendulum - "Ransom"

Also, enjoy a GMod Machinima Starring Niko Bellic.