We all know how the Castaways were eventually rescued from Gilligan’s Island after all those years and had to reintegrate into society. Those TV specials have been done. But what if...

See, a few years after they’re rescued, all those people who knew they were on the Island and left them there to rot for their own selfish reasons—the Hollywood producer, the entomologist, the Russian astronaut, the film actor, etc.—they start disappearing one by one. Bodies never found.


The Castaways are getting their revenge.

The Professor masterminds the operation. He’s like M and Q all in one. He’s developed so many undetectable poisons and sera from his studies of the Island flora.

The Skipper and Gilligan handle the military ops and logistics angle. The Howells bankroll the whole thing, through numerous off-shore dummy corporations, of course. The girls specialize in infiltration and assassination. The question of which one is more deadly leads to the eternal choice:

Ginger or Mary Ann...

Suggestions for casting?

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