I’ve been working at my new shop for a month now, I did a pretty big jump from express service at a dealership to full service at an independent shop and I’ve been getting my ass kicked. We work on mostly late model European cars and I’ve learned more in this month than I have in my entire life previously but I come home every day worn down and exhausted. The learning curve is intense, the amount of tools ($$$$) you need to work on all makes and models is intense. I used to talk shit about the parts dept and service advisors but now that I’m writing my own tickets and ordering my own parts I realize how hard it is. Everyone at my shop has been very helpful which I’m very thankful for. Flat rate pay is hard to start out in, I’m paying my bills ok but I have friends who complain about a 12 hour shift in the fast food industry and at least they get paid for every hour they are there. Too often I come across something I’ve never seen before and I end up working for free while I learn how to deal with it. I’m working a solid 60 hours a week and I’m billing 35-45. I think I have good job security but I always get scared when I struggle, my shop is small and my one bay is a highly valued commodity and I’m billing the least hours out of the techs here, it gets better every day but I’ve never been tired like this before

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