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Working on the M3 has commenced

Changed the oil last night from the ridiculous 20w-50 that the PO used to the magical T6 Rotella 5w-40 that all the E36 fanbois use as a condiment. Actually does run a lot smoother on startup than before but that’s all down to the weight of the oil being proper now.

Up next is a coolant flush and spark plugs. I am slightly worried that there’s something relatively major wrong with the engine as it appears to be consuming oil at an alarming rate and has a bit of white smoke at startup and while cold. A rebuild right away is not something I had planned for nor am capable of doing myself but I could swing it if absolutely necessary. Hopefully it’s something relatively minor but I won’t get my hopes up too much seeing as she’s done 267k miles.


My Schroth harnesses came in today, as can be seen and went in with minimal effort. I wasn’t planning on getting a pair this soon but a set came up for a price that I couldn’t pass up. The drivers seat needs to get replaced sooner rather than later so a fixed back racing bucket is on the list, probably a Bimarco as they’re cheap, comfy and FIA certified.

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