My 2003 Rolla a week ago (looked the same this morning)

AMA anything about me or my 2003 Corolla S

I’m working remote from the mechanic’s as she or he get’s their exhaust hole repaired. They also ordered a couple filters and bulbs I’ll need to do maintenance my self. If anyone needs a good mechanic in Montreal let me know.

Last week I avoided a near catastrophic belt snap from a massive oil leak which may still be leaking and was ‘repaired’ but needs to be checked. The ATF and filter were both changed as well and felt like new.


So far it looks like I’ll be 600$ in on this car in maintenance in month 1 and 54$ in with my first speeding ticket. I received this car as a gift instead of buying a 2010 Saab 9-3 Sportcombi, so no complaints.

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