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Working with fiberglass...

I'm wondering how difficult it is to work with fiberglass. Anyone here have experience working with the stuff?

For some reason, I had this crazy idea in my head this morning: How hard would it be to built my own Aptera? Of course this is a bit of a hair brained idea, but I spent more thinking about it today than I probably should have. (See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aptera_2_…). I think the idea behind the Aptera definitely had potential - a very low-drag shaped body with an electric or hybrid system. If I remember correctly, the body was basically a giant egg-shape made of fiberglass. This also got me looking up the prices of electric scooter batteries, and got me wondering how difficult it is to work with fiberglass.

One of the thoughts I've had about working with fiberglass is to use that blue foam they use for house insulation, and to shape the body of the car out of that, then lay the fiberglass on it, and use it as a backing material when forming pieces. I'd think it would be reasonably easy to cut/shape the foam. The thing is, I've never worked with fiberglass before, which got me thinking that I should ask the hive mind collective of the automotive internets (also known as Jalopnik).

Now obviously there'd be a ton of work to do to actually make something like an Aptera, but I'm still quite curious about working with fiberglass, and how difficult/easy it is.

Any thoughts/experiences on the subject?


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