Random question, but has anyone here done any metal work with stainless steel? I'm looking at making a homemade Christmas gift for my wife. More after the break (and an unrelated picture for the rest of Oppo).

My wife has always been looking for a perfectly sized sauce ladle. So far I haven't found much, and what I have found hasn't impressed me enough to buy it (e.g.: cheap crap from Walmart). This got me thinking - how hard would it be to make my own stainless steel ladle? I did a bit of research, and it seems like most stainless steel stuff (kitchen sinks, pots/pans, etc.) is cold pressed. I also have a (free!) source for some stainless steel scraps - easily big enough to make what I'm after. I don't (yet) have a ball-peen hammer, but I'm interested in giving this a shot. So what I'm wondering is, how hard is it to work with stainless steel? Does it tend to spring back into shape, or is it fairly malleable?