Raw material supplier has had two strikes so far in trying to make a simple blend of two solvents. Two months ago we had a 2400 lb batch smell like bad eggs and this time we're struggling to get it to dissolve solids correctly. This is literally a blend of two solvents and nothing else. We even had them tested.....twice. Couldn't figure out what was wrong but both gas chromatography graphs were slightly different. The plant manager shot down the request to change back.

Here's the PSA portion - He blames the workforce and myself and says that our opinions aren't enough to go on and that we need hard evidence. I countered that each batch being different is enough evidence to warrant this switch. The response? A bunch of hearsay and experiences by the operators and yourself is meaningless and are only assumptions so if the outside tests say they're the same then they're the same. Again, he is the PLANT MANAGER. The man responsible for hiring/firing these guys. So what he basically said is "I can't count on the opinions and thoughts of the people I hired and I will ignore the opinions of our senior technical employee".

Life tip - don't say that. Never admit to it on a public level. One on one it's fine. Not on a "reply all" email. Oh and don't drag more people in the email list to try and look good to the other higher ups. Now I'm getting the old vendor re-approved at a whopping 0.5% price increase over this crappy one (seriously, we've been fighting this stuff for a year just to save 30$ a week) AND the plant manager's boss is flying in this thursday to have some....emergency meetings. I can't wait for a good beer after today, because the second half of this week is going to be loud.